Being part of the Science of Motion - In Hand Therapy Course for over a year has brought us new and improved training techniques. The knowledge of equine biomechanics and intelligence that we gained has been incorporated into all our training including dressage, coaching and starting under saddle. Physical problems are often the cause of behavioural issues in horses, not only has it made diagnosis of these problems easier but it has also given us the tools to work with and rehabilitate horses suffering from a range of conditions including kissing spines, arthritis and tendon injuries using in hand and ridden techniques.


Pictured below is Deepfields Mocha progress after 6 months in the SOM course

Deepfields Mocha - first ride in the new saddle
The new dressage saddle has arrived today after 2 months waiting for it to be hand made, made by Macel Saddlery in France and recommended by Science of Motion.
Millie - 4 year old Welsh x, For Sale, contact us for details
Monte Carlo - 4 year old Paint gelding - For Sale, contact us for details

Horse and Rider Training has started again for 2015. We are looking forward to a productive year ahead!

Deepfields Mocha

15 year old Andalusian x Stallion

Evie May

Stunning Shire x Clydesdale mare.

9th September

Ahla - 4 year old Appaloosa mare.

9th September

Ava - 3 year old Cleveland Bay filly - 3rd Ride

Photo: Ava - 3 year old cleaveland bay mare - 3rd ride

4th November - Moonlight Sonata WHPC Hack Show



17 June - Swan Valley PC combined training competition

Congratulations to Emily Lanman, Garett Howley, Grace Smith and Kate Mckay competing on the weekend.

22 April- Autumn Dressage Festival

Blue Blood Aravis (Silver) competing at the Autumn Dressage Festival - State championships winning the elementary 3A adult riders with 64.8%   

19 Mar - Vacancies

Agistment vacancies for new horses in the Hill (gelding) paddock and the 3 in 1 (mare) paddock will  only be available until the 31st of April. Vacancies will re-open for these paddocks in September.

1st Feb - Deepfields Mocha
15 Nov - Barbi
27th Oct to 2nd Dec - Spain

I will be heading to spain on Thursday for a month of riding and going to the Spanish horse festival SICAB. For any enquiries whilst I am away please contact Tracey, phone 95762060 text 0437762060 or email [email protected] or I can still be contacted via email [email protected] or FB.

18th Oct - Lily & V

September - Moo
13th July - Ebony & Snuggles

 Ebony, Friesian X Quarterhorse - first ride out in the arena. Snuggles heading out for a ride.

July 3rd - Chittering Riding Club

The Chittering Riding Club has had it's joining rally on June 4th and first organised rally on July 3rd. The next rally will be on the 14th August. For more details Search Chittering Riding Club on Facebook or contact Alissa (Secretary) on 0427184736

12th March - Moonlight Sonata

Moo's first dressage tests at the FOSEC's dressage day. He did a great for his first comp, was a fantastic day.





22nd Feb - Cracker

Great Peter Shaw clinic at Brookleigh with Cracker.

He behaved fantastically for a Stallion at his first ridden outing.


22nd Feb - Wizy & Lily

Wizy behaved immaculately on his 8th ride today enjoying a canter out in the paddock. Lily is also showing a lot of dressage/hack potential.

13th Feb - The rescue girls under saddle.

Maggie and Izzy had their first rides under saddle since being rescued. Izzy liked to work in a frame with lightness and ease where as Maggie preferred a quiet ride on a free rein. Both lovely in their own ways.

11th Feb - Ron Paterson Clinic
We had a great lesson at Brookleigh with Ron Paterson who is an FEI trainer and dressage judge.
9th Feb - EWP horse assessment

We brought the 3 rescues, Maggie, Izzy and Ben owned by Equine Welfare Partners (EWP) into the round yard this morning to do some assessment on them to establish where they are at with training and soundness, so that with some work they can find new homes.

BEN - had a very good lateral mouth and soon learnt to give on the long-rein. He has a very active trot with a lot of presence.






 MAGGIE - was actually ridden bareback with a halter from the front paddock to the round yard. She was great to tack up and has a very quiet nature.






IZZY - has a lovely free movement for a mare of her age. As soon as she felt the contact of the long rein she worked in a beautiful frame completely in self-carriage. Looks like she may have been a show hack or dressage horse for some of her career. Hopefully with more work we will be able to establish how much training she has had.

6th Feb - TAG Ride / BRPC

The Tag ride was held at Bindoon Range Pony Club and was a great success this morning with lots of money raised to help out those affected by the recent floods. The Bindoon Range PC also had a lot of new members join for this year so looks like a fun year ahead. Thanks everyone.

4th Feb - New TB Fillies

We picked up 2 new TB fillies today. The grey has been taken on by Shiane Ietto and the bay by myself. They both have fantastic natures and lovely movement and are great examples of what wonderful intelligent horses thoroughbreds can be if given a chance!

2nd Feb - Maggie (Rescue)
Maggie's first ride at Yates Equestrian. Out in the paddock with a halter. This mare is one of the 3 rescues looking for long term homes owned by Equine Welfare Partners. She would suit a pleasure riding / companion home. See the 'Sales' page for more details on horses looking for homes.
1st Feb - Dentist

We have had Equine Dentist Karl Buckley at Yates Equestrian this morning, getting some horses up to date with teeth. Great to see how much care he took checking with his flashlight and feeling to make sure every tooth was correct with an average of an hour spent on each horse. He will be here again on the 8th of February to do more.

28th Jan - Monte Carlo

We went to visit Monte Carlo at Catholic Ag College, Bindoon - my new foal - Cracker's full brother. Mighty Shameless (Paint) X Granita (QH)

26th Jan - TAG Ride

Happy Australia Day everyone!

The Bindoon Range Pony Club will be holding their part of the TAG ride to raise money for the queensland floods at their grounds at Catholic Ag College Bindoon on Sunday the 6th of Feb.

Tag Ride

All you need to do to be a part is fill in the rider registration form at http://www.tagride.net/ and bring along $20 on the day to ride. For EA members your day insurance is covered, for Non-EA members Day Insurance is an extra $20 which the EA will also be donating to the floods. Forms for insurance can be found on the  page of this website if you have trouble viewing the forms they can be emailed to you or can be filled out on the day. Sponsorship forms are also available at http://www.tagride.net/

Drinks and a sausage sizzle will be available on the day. The joining rally/meeting for the PC 2011 will also be held after the ride.

For further details contact Sascha.

21st Jan - Equine Welfare Horses

 3 new agistees arrived - owned by the Equine Welfare Partners - these horses have bee rescued from starvation and brought back to health. Once we have done some assessment and training these 3 will be looking for new homes.

19th Jan - Cracker and Moo

Cracker (left) the 4 year old paint stallion from Catholic Ag College, Bindoon, is doing well in his dressage training, accepting a contact and working on improving activity in the trot.

Moo (right) my 5 yr old Lipizzaner X has come back into work with loads of pride to show off to the girls and boy over the fence

18th Jan - Sienna + TAG Ride.

Sienna is a stunning 3 year old Connemara X filly.

Pictured : Second ride at Yates Equestrian. Working on moving forward off the leg and stretching down into a soft contact.

A TAG RIDE is being held around WA on the 6th of February to raise money for the people and horses affected by the Queensland floods. If anyone is interested in being part of this ride, the Bindoon Range PC may be registering and holding a part of the ride, so contact us for more details or visit http://www.tagride.net/

17th Jan - Dressage Mornings

Starting in February we are going to be holding dressage mornings at Yates Equestrian on a weekday. There is an opportunity to receive individual lessons, watch others as well as learn from practical and theory demonstrations. If you are interested please contact Sascha for details.

15th Jan - Home

Back from a great holiday, happy to see all the horses looking very well. Straight back into work this afternoon, preparing for a big week with lots of horses coming and going.

10th Jan - Holiday

Sascha is going away on her first holiday since starting Yates Equestrian and will be back on Saturday the 15th. Lindsay and Tracey will be left working away with the 58 horses.

9th Jan - Cayuse Fallen Star

"Robbie's" second ride at Yates Equestrian after being out on spell. Robbie is available For Sale to right home.

7th Jan - Nigella
Nigella is a 3yr old TB arrived straight off the track. She will be going out in the hilly mare paddock, to strengthen her hindquarters, before getting back into work.

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