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Sascha Yates -  Head Trainer is very passionate about horses and their training. She has worked in many different stables in Australia and Europe under various trainers with different approaches to riding and training. She believes that the greatest results were always achieved by those that worked with their horse, that took the time to build a partnership with the horse, equally respecting the horse as it respected the trainer. This is the approach that Sascha brings to her training.

Some of the highlights of Sascha's training include

* 5 years Manager/Trainer at Yates Equestrian

* Manager at Yeguada La Yedra, Spain, training with Ignacio Lopez Porras

* Rider at CLK Dressage, France, training under Patrick Le Rolland

* Rider/Instructor at Centro De Equitacion Don Rodrigo, Spain under Manolo Carvajal

* Rider at Stall Leichle, Hamburg, Germany

* Rider at El Caballo Resort, Perth

The Team

Lindsay Yates - Daily Feeding and Paddock Maintenance

Tracey Yates - Agistment Management

Bill Ashman - Resident Farrier


Horses have played a huge part in the Yates Family History with over 4 generations of riders and trainers, including Polocrosse players,  a Pony Club coach, working horsemen, Victoria's leading lady rider at the time and a trick rider for King George V

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