The Hill Paddock

The hill paddock is very popular with 170 acres of rolling hills and pasture. This paddock is fantastic for retirement, spelling and young horses, with a minimum stay of 3 months, it gives them a chance to relax and 'be a horse'. The granite-loam hills are great for muscle development , growing strong hooves and generally healthy horses.  It is also great for rehabilitating injuries as it gives them the time, space and consistent exercise to do so. The paddock has lots of trees and bush for shelter, 3 automatic water troughs, a creek and a dam. Horses are checked daily and hay is included when required.

The 3 in 1 (Mare Paddock)

With 3 dams, 60 acres of pasture, and an automatic water trough, we have set aside this paddock for the mares. There is also a minimum stay of 3 months to allow time to find their place in the mob and benefit from a natural environment. Mares are checked daily and hay is included when required.

Shared Paddocks

We have smaller shared paddocks from 2-12 acres available, short or long-term. The paddocks have good pasture, automatic water troughs, well maintained white and electric wire fencing, with post caps and shade. Horses in these paddocks are checked daily and observed throughout. Hay is included.

Individual Paddocks

1-2 acre paddocks are available for individual use, with hay included for horses that require hard feeding, can't be paddocked with others or that are in training.

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