Quotes I have just recently sent my paint filly to be started under saddle by Sascha Yates, and I couldnt be happier. The way that Sascha starts from the beginning, without rushing it, getting to know the horse and bonding with it is fantastic. The fact that Sascha makes it into a routine is fantastic, and its not just arena work, your horse gets to go out in the fields, experience cattle and general farm life. Sascha also takes the time to groom, groundwork, lunge, horse off, not just get on and ride. Its really for the horses benefit. Its great that you can go and watch your horse getting trained, and see their progress and how Sascha works, and if you cant make it to visit, Sascha will let you know how your horse is going, via a lovely phone call or text, and even upload pictures. You can see the great care Sascha and co put into your horse (my prize possession) and I trust Sascha 100% with her, I actually believe that Coda will not want to come home. I couldn't recommend Sascha more. Quotes
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