Horse Training

Starting Under Saddle

A good start is vital for any horse's future and will affect both horse and rider for the rest of their ridden career. The first experiences of any young horse must be positive as they are the foundation for future training.

Dressage Training

"The object of dressage is the development of the horse into a happy healthy athlete through harmonious education" (FEI)

We work with the horse to develop both mental and physical strength and soundness that will allow the horse to progress through the stages and reach their full potential. Dressage training is not restricted to the arena, we may include trail rides, jumping and

                                                                                   schooling out on the farm, depending what each

                                                                                   individual horse requires.


Many horses may have setbacks throughout their ridden career from veterinary, to incorrect training or psychological trauma. On many occasions we can help the horse work through these issues so that they can return to being a happy healthy athlete

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